Monday, April 02, 2007

2007 World Horror Con blues

I've attended most every World Horror Con since Seattle in 2001. I missed Chicago in 2002. Then -- I was at all of them. Kansas City, Phoenix, New York, San Francisco. I was "gonged" at the Seattle Gross-Out Contest, but placed 4th at the San Francisco Gross-Out.

But I missed Toronto. Why? Partially because of new federal rules requiring passports to travel by plane to Canada. Too much hassle for someone like me, who hasn't been out of the US in decades. (Privacy advocates also worry that the new passports have radio chip implants: Terrorists Chip In).

So our encroaching police state kept me away from World Horror in Toronto. I wonder about the total economic impact of all these new security measures?

I do expect to be at the 2008 World Horror Con in Salt Lake City.

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