Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gargoyles Inconsistencies

I was watching Gargoyles, and some thoughts occur:

1. The introductory, voice-over monologue claims that gargoyles arise every 600 years -- though later in the film, the head gargoyle claims his group has not been alive for the last 500 years. He also claims that his group had only arisen (they hatch from eggs) a few weeks ago.

So then ... how is it that he knows English? And standard American English at that?

I mean, these gargoyles are based in the American southwest. There were no English speakers in the southwest even 500 years ago.

For that matter, where'd he get that European book which was apparently written in 1417?

2. Many gargoyles have beaks (the females also seem to have feathery fur). How come the head gargoyle has lips, no beak? Different races of gargoyles within the same hatch? But that's a pretty big anatomical difference.

Gargoyles is full of other inconsistencies and oddities, but why be picky? Many fine supernatural/horror TV movies were produced in the 1970s (most of which were produced for ABC), and Gargoyles ... is definitely one of them.

Hey, I like it. It's got cute Jennifer Salt (Sisters) and the late, great Grayson Hall (Dr. Julia Hoffman of Dark Shadows). Gargoyles is not a great classic, but it's worth checking out.