Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Do Horror Films Suck?

Actually, I don't think horror films suck, but there have been some awful ones this past decade -- and some great ones!

Even so, that's the topic of a discussion panel on which I'll serve, at the upcoming 2011 World Horror Convention.

Here are the details:

Why Horror Movies Are Terrible

7:00 PM Friday, April 29 – Dezavala
[that's the room's name]

Brad Keene, Thomas Sipos, Joe Hill, SG Browne, Gemma, Files (M), Mark Wheaton

It's not even a question -- most horror movies are terrible, with stories that would be rejected from the smallest zine, acting to embarrass late-night Creature Feature hosts, and YouTube-ready cinematography. But WHY? Is it truly difficult to make an effective horror film, or are the producers and audience just so indiscriminate that quality isn't worth the bother?

I didn't choose the topic, but I do have some things to say on it. Which recent horror films are admirable -- and which are execrable? And why are the latter films are terrible. (The panel's topic.)

I'll also participate in the mass book signing on Saturday night:


7:30 – 10:00 PM Saturday, April 30 – Phoenix Central

I'll have copies of Vampire Nation, Hollywood Witches, and Pentagon Possessed for whoever wishes a signed copy.