Monday, January 20, 2014

Bogus Amazon Reviews

As an Amazon Vine Voice, I take pride in my Amazon reviews. I am thus especially disgusted by bogus "reviews for hire."

I found the below ad on Criagslist, which takes bogus reviewing to new depths. "Reviewers" are hired to post pre-written reviews. That's right. These phony slimebag "reviewers" don't even bother to write their own lies.

I suggest that Amazon (and Yelp -- I've seen ads for bogus Yelp reviewers as well) should engage in sting operations. Respond to these ads, try to find out who's posting bogus reviews, and delete all their reviews.

Here's the Craigslist ad (contact info not included):

We are a literary marketing company that helps authors/publishers increase book sales.

We are looking for individuals who can boost the positive "Amazon book review" postings on selected titles. You will be given the reviews. No need to do any writing. The books are of all genres, but some are erotica so you should be fine with that. You must have an active Amazon account (meaning having purchased anything from there) and a computer with a unique I.P. address (no Kindles/phones, etc.).
Need a handful of people to post reviews on about 10 books/day (should take less than an hour total). You will be paid $5/book ($50 total/every day). Payment is by Paypal on a daily basis.

Serious responses only. This gig starts right away.

Please provide your email as the system here keeps sending replies to junk mail. Thanks!

You can find some tips on how to spot a fake review on this site and on this site.


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