Thursday, August 09, 2007

Halloween Begins August 7th

It's well known that Halloween starts earlier every year.

Last year I spotted Halloween-themed clothing in a Rego Park, NY Sears on August 16. Orange-and-black sweater tops for women, featuring witch logos. A witch on a broomstick. Of course, it's possible that Sears put those items on display before August 16.

This year my first "Halloween sighting" was in a Santa Monica, CA Rite Aid on August 7. Two big novelty toys. One of them a giant plastic skull that supposedly flashes lights, or tells fortunes, or whatever, when you turn it on. I didn't try it, so I'm not sure what it does.

Again, it's possible that Rite Aid put these Halloween items on display prior to August 7.

I suppose it's only fair that Halloween get a jump on the Back To School sales, since last year I saw Christmas items on display in a Santa Monica Sav-On weeks before Halloween was over.

Speaking of which, now might be a good time to read Halloween Candy.

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Bella Donna said...

Although you made no overt value judgment regarding how merchants are commercializing our sacred holidays, one could have inferred from your mere posting that you viewed such "whoring" negatively. This would have been a good thing. However, by your ultimate comment, it is revealed that you too are a mere whore. The ironic comic intent is not missed. Nevertheless, this topic is too serious for such levity.